I’m Alyssa Lang,

and I’m a bookkeeping wizard.

Whether you too consider yourself a wizard, or are just getting your toes wet in the bookkeeping world, I’ve whittled these razor sharp tools, over years of practice, to make your workflow way more streamlined.

I’m actually a certified skydiver, committed dog mama, and person who, like you, has cried myself to sleep countless times over the unmitigated, ongoing mess that is operations and onboarding.

Bookkeeping and accounting have been known to keep me up at night, and I bet you know the feeling. I designed a system that breaks down the tech, streamlines automation, and cuts through the crap – saving time, stress, and in the end, loads of money so you can take a friggin’ break.

I’ve owned my own tax practice
for over 5 years;

Two of those we had tacked on bookkeeping services. In that, there is endless minutiae, making us feel like every time we take a step forward, we take 5 back.

I’ve created a process that cuts through the bookkeeping bullshit, automates a bulk of
your process the way that you want it, and helps you become a pro with extremely useful tech so that you don’t get caught up in meticulous admin and can keep on hustling.

I was able to build a 6-figure firm in a year and a half, seamlessly and with a fundamental lack of stress due to these processes.

My courses, guides, and protocols are life-changing hacks
for those who manage bookkeeping and accounting clients.

I believe in weekends.
I believe in a restful night’s sleep.

I believe in not having to nail bite or white knuckle my way through the minutes of client work; I’ll stick to skydiving when it comes to my thrills, thank you very much.

Join my movement, jumping out of a plane is not required.