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When I started my practice, I was excited to work from home.

Yes, I have a lot of energy and love working with other people, but I’m also someone who really enjoys some alone time!

I found so many benefits in working for myself, from home, with no real schedule to to follow.

But being self-employed can be inherently isolating, but it can be extra complicated when you don’t have biz bestie you can turn to who totally GETS IT.

Friends and family are great, but if they aren’t running a practice themselves, it can be tough for them to relate to you.

That’s why I created the Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants!

I see how supportive and collaborative my Facebook communities are on a regular basis, it made me wonder how much BETTER it could be in person!

In October 2021, Team Workflow Queen hosted our very first in-person retreat, and it was better than we could have imagined!




Going into it, we knew we would have a great time.

What we DIDN’T know, was that we would create long-term connections with these amazing bookkeepers and accountants!

If you are interested in finding your bookkeeping buddies, or just some rad new friends, read this blog to learn all about the Workflow Queen Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants



What is the Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants?

This retreat is not just for bookkeepers to come and learn about how to build holistic systems for their practice, confidently grow their team, and prepare for the future (but those things are totally part of it).

This retreat is about building a community, learning from each other, and implementing on the spot instead of putting it off.

The Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants integrates training sessions with hands-on implementation and group work.

What I’ve noticed about other in-person bookkeeping events is that there is a LOT of information and value delivered, but then I go home and never make time to put what I’ve learned into action!

That’s why I’ve made it a point to include dedicated time during the retreat to have students work together as a team and brainstorm solutions they can actually use!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

I’m also big on actually experiencing places when I travel, so there is also built-in time to go explore the city we’ve chosen to host the retreat! These outings are optional, but always super fun!

What can I expect to gain from the retreat?

The Workflow Queen Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants is an experience you won’t soon forget – and you won’t want to end!

Listed below is what you will gain from attending the retreat, but I’m confident you’ll find it goes far beyond this list!

Live Training

You will get to experience live training sessions that include content from our premiere program, Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants. Since this is in a more intimate, small group setting, you have the opportunity to ask questions about your specific practice!

The best part about these training sessions, is that the other members of the retreat have their own amazing ideas and experiences to share with each other. You never know what you may learn from the person sitting next to you!


With Team Workflow Queen by your side, you’ll be able to ask all the questions and get instant answers. A virtual setting is great for coaching too, but when you’ve had real experience getting to know the coaches in person, it makes asking questions so much easier.

At the retreat, we will get to know you, your struggles, and your strengths as a practice owner so that we can best support you!


This part is the MOST fun of all!

You will have the opportunity to take what you learn during the training and actually put it into action right away!

Want to map out a process with sticky notes and poster board? Go for it!

Want to write up a sales script and practice it on a peer? By all means!

Want to write up a job description to help find your first hire? We support you!

This is your opportunity to take the knowledge you’ve gained and actually experience the benefits, work out the kinks, and gain tangible results.


I hope that by attending this retreat, you feel inspired to:

  • Further implement the material in your practice

  • Hire your own team of unicorns

  • Create a company culture that feels true to who you are

  • Think of yourself as a badass CEO

  • Spend less time doing the work, and more time doing whatever you want!


In our mostly virtual world, finding “your people” can feel impossible.

The Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants gives you the rare opportunity to connect with people who fully understand what you are going through in every aspect of your practice.

We’ve seen REAL friendships come out of this retreat – we want that for you, too!

When is the next retreat?

We host the Breakthrough Retreat for Bookkeepers & Accountants at least once a year, sometimes more!

If you want IN on this incredible experience, pop over to the waitlist and add your name so you are the first to receive details about the next one!