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When you hear an interesting guest on a podcast or read about a forward-thinking entrepreneur in an article, how do you find out more about them? You probably search for their website on Google, right?

Having an online presence is an essential part of running a bookkeeping or accounting firm–especially if you serve your clients in a predominately online or virtual way. Don’t get me wrong, social media is helpful in its own way, but having a website provides so many more benefits within your control (and you own your website).

Reasons why your firm needs a website

A website gives you credibility

Having a website is a simple, easy way to show that you take your firm seriously. An investment in a website indicates that you understand the benefits of having an online presence and you’re willing to put in the effort (or money) for it. Your online presence builds trust with your potential clients, which gives you that extra credibility within your industry.

A Website Shows Potential Clients That You’re A Good Fit

A website is a great place to have a one-way conversation with a potential client. You can answer commonly asked questions, list out the services you provide, and explain how you help them fix a particular problem. Let people know what you do and how you do it.

Having this information on your website sends a clear, very transparent message about what you actually provide for your clients. Making this information readily available online is what helps convince them that they need to work with you.

A Website Gives You A Reputation

If you want to show off how professional your firm is, you need a website. A website is the best place to control the narrative of your firm and your brand. Your website houses your brand image, brand message, as well as your vision and mission –and strong brand perception is a powerful way to solidify your reputation in the industry.

A website shows off your personality

Let’s face it, bookkeepers and accountants don’t have great street cred in the personality department. That’s why a website can show potential clients that you’re not the dry, humorless person with a calculator sitting behind a desk that movies make you out to be. You can be fun, charming, quirky, and have things in common with your clients! At the end of the day, bookkeepers and accountants are people who are helping other business owners as well –and a website can show this side of you off to the crowds!

A Website Builds Up Your Authority

Your website is the perfect place to show off why you’re amazing at what you do. You can do that by highlighting your testimonials or any social proof you have from previous or current clients. Humans love hearing what others have to say about something. And that’s no less true for bookkeeping and accounting services. Impress the people who land on your website with reviews that speak volumes.



Pro Website Tip: Create a blog on your website!

A blog is a great way to help you bring in more people by providing valuable content that attracts people using SEO. Again, I wouldn’t worry too much about having an active blog when you’re first starting out, but eventually, as you grow your firm, a blog is a great marketing resource to have on your website.

You can even outsource your blog content writing if you’re in a financial position to do so!

Investing In A Website

If you can’t afford a website just yet, that’s okay. A website is not a requirement to run a successful firm. But when you have enough capital, I do suggest investing in one!

I really don’t recommend that you pay a ton of money for a website from an expensive web designer. Wait until you get to a certain point in your firm before you afford to make that website upgrade.

The DIY Website Route

A website doesn’t have to be expensive. You can start one from scratch using a Squarespace template for about 26 bucks a month. There are so many different avenues for you to create a website for super cheap if you don’t mind doing it yourself.

If you’re more of a DIY savvy, I highly recommend the self-paced, Websites That Wows. This program will help you create a high-converting, aesthetically pleasing, and functional website by yourself in less than a week!

*psst… I used Website that Wows to create my website!

I actually have a whole blog post on this program and why I loved it, and you can read all about it right here. It’s one of the best investments I made when I started, and I knew I needed a website for the firm.

I love it and think you will too!