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If you are like many bookkeepers, you might say that one of the hardest parts of growing a bookkeeping practice is finding clients.

In my firm, I found a way to combat this struggle by incorporating an awesome strategy that I’m so excited to share!

Something that I found to be super important in my firm was having multiple streams of lead generation. If you rely solely on traffic from your website, Instagram, or your networking group, most likely the leads will trickle in but you will limit your exposure.

I found great success growing my bookkeeping practice by emailing CPAs and creating referral partnerships with them! This is something I highly recommend you do if you are looking to grow your bookkeeping practice. Your current sales funnels could be performing well, but it is also a great way to connect with other professionals in the industry and establish authority.

Keep reading to discover how I was able to open the door to so much opportunity with CPA referral partnerships!


Step 1: Finding CPAs

When you start your search for CPAs to connect with, the possibilities are endless!

Try searching:

  • Locally (Chamber of Commerce, word of mouth, etc.)

  • Industry-specific Facebook groups

  • Networking Facebook groups

  • In-person networking groups

  • LinkedIn

Connecting with CPAs is a great way to grow your bookkeeping practice because many of them: don’t offer bookkeeping services, don’t have time to complete all the bookkeeping for their clients, or they offer bookkeeping but they simply don’t enjoy it!

You can take this opportunity to create valuable partnerships with CPAs by helping them support their clients while growing your bookkeeping practice.

Step 2: Draft an Email

Now that you’ve found CPAs to connect with, it’s time to email them!

Here’s what you should include in your email to a potential CPA partner:

Introduce Yourself

Give your new potential partner a peek into who you are and a little bit about your practice.

Add Some Flair

This is your chance to show your personality and give them an idea what it would be like to work with you.

Talk About Them

Ask them questions about their practice and the services they offer. This part is where you can really connect with them based on their struggles.

Add Value

Now is the time to connect with their pain points and provide solutions! Talk about the services you can offer to support them, or even supplement their scope of work. Emphasize how you can help them add value to their clients.

Call to Action

Finally, you want to end the email with a call to action by asking them to connect with you! You never know what amazing opportunities this one connection can create.

In my firm, I would often email CPAs and propose a referral partnership. Sometimes, the CPA would refer their tax clients to us for bookkeeping services, and sometimes we would just perform bookkeeping contract work under their business name.

We did this with SO many CPAs who only offered tax preparation and didn’t even offer bookkeeping to their clients. My firm never did taxes for our bookkeeping clients, so we would often send them to our CPA partners when tax time came around. This was helpful in ensuring that another set of eyes could confirm the books’ accuracy as well.

My practice found some amazing partnerships using this method of networking! I highly recommend emailing some CPAs to help grow your bookkeeping practice.

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I would LOVE to know if you have found success working with CPAs and how referral partnerships have impacted your practice!

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