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In our bookkeeping firm, we used Loom ALL THE TIME and even at Workflow Queen, we use them too. Loom is a tool you can use to record what you’re doing on your computer and share it with others.

Integrating Loom into my workflows has seriously been a game-changer for my business, so I thought I’d share exactly how and why you should use Loom for your workflows.

What To Record On Loom

Loom is free to use for up to 5 minutes of recording. If you can keep your recordings on the shorter side, there shouldn’t be a reason you need to pay for it!

There is no limit to the type of task or topic you can record on your Loom videos. Some of mine include:

  • Reviewing financial statements for clients

  • Sending feedback on month end close

  • How to pull a sales report in Square

  • Expectations on how to handle a client

  • Show clients how to add you to their Wix account

  • How to post on Instagram or Facebook

  • How to send calendar link to prospects/clients

Loom is a fantastic way to communicate with people without constantly having to hop on a call with them, especially when it relates to technical parts of client work. We LOVE to send team members and clients Loom videos about feedback, updates or simple things we need them to do.

The best part is, Loom has a storage area that makes it easy to store all the videos.

How To Share Your Loom Video

One of my favorite things about Loom is that it has the Copy Link feature. Once you finish recording, you can copy and share the link to your video with anyone. That person can quickly watch the recording without having to create an account or log in! Bonus points for being able to see when someone has watched your video. 

Let me explain how you do this.

Open up Loom >> Record a video of you going through a task (don’t forget to talk the person through the recording verbally!) >> Store the recording inside Loom >> Copy Link to share

Now, hop into your email.

Create a new email to send to your client or team member >> Add all information or links necessary >> Add Loom link to a recorded video to support the information

It doesn’t get easier (or more organized) than that, my friends.

Why It’s Important To Use Loom

Recording a Loom video helps you capture whatever process or explanation you’re making for team members or clients. Not to mention you can use these videos for future reference for yourself (or your team members) if you forget what you said or how to do something.

Basically, these recorded videos serve as an ever-moving library of resources of information– which makes explaining how to do something or what something is really easy and simple now and in the future.

Integrating Loom into your workflow helps reduce the amount of time your team members or clients come to you for questions because the answers are in the video! You can have an archive full of videos for anything you can possibly think of!

Just to recap, here are few reasons why Loom is a great tool to use inside your bookkeeping or accounting practice. You can:

  • Easily communicate what needs to be done by your team

  • Quickly record client financial report reviews on the fly

  • Easily allow for downloads so your clients + team members can save the video for future reference

I really encourage you to consider introducing a tool like Loom into the picture. Loom can help you look professional, others can hear and see you and it’s FREE up to 5 minutes of recording (per video #WIN).

And I really encourage you to do the same as it will help make things easier in your business both now and in the future.

Have any questions about using Loom?