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Have you been wondering what Workflow Queen has to offer bookkeepers and accountants?

Most people know us for our signature course, Kickoff with Asana for Bookkeepers & Accountants, but we are SO much more!

I started Workflow Queen in February of 2020 when I was also the owner of a six-figure bookkeeping and tax firm. After overcoming plenty of hurdles when it came to managing the client work, my team, and everything on the operational side, I was inspired to share my knowledge with others in the industry.

Trust me, I did NOT always have it all figured out.

My practice was just me, with no systems in place, thinking I could handle everything on my own.

There was a severe lack of information and resources out there specifically for bookkeepers and accountants who wanted to learn how to actually manage the work, not just how to perform the work.

One day, I discovered Asana and decided to implement systems into my practice.

Let me tell you, when systems and workflows came into my life, EVERYTHING changed!

I wasn’t missing deadlines anymore. I wasn’t scrambling to remember which client still owed me documents or which team member was working on what.

Yes, it did take me a good chunk of time to set up these systems and refine them to work for me and my team. But I can’t tell you how much that investment was WORTH it in the long run!

Let’s just imagine that setting up ONE workflow in your practice gains you 5 hours per week.

What could you do with those extra 5 hours?

  • Generate new leads

  • Consultation calls

  • Network

  • Set up a website

  • Train a new team member

  • Increase family time

  • Watch your favorite show

  • Sleep

The list goes on, but the point here is that those 5 hours can be incredibly valuable to you!

I became so obsessed with workflows and systems for the bookkeeping and accounting industry, I started Workflow Queen and sold my firm. I have dedicated my career to serving this industry, and now my company is recognized around the world!

In June, I was even featured as a keynote speaker at BKX, a conference exclusive to bookkeepers! I am so used to speaking to my audience virtually, that seeing everyone in person was an absolute treat.

If you are like I was at the beginning of my practice and you’re in need of resources, courses, and coaching on how to develop and use workflows in your practice… check out what Workflow Queen has to offer!



Workflows in a Weekend for Bookkeepers & Accountants

This is the perfect introduction to workflows if you are looking to organize your practice but you aren’t sure where to start. I will teach you the foundations of creating workflows from scratch and outline exactly what you need to optimize each workflow for your practice.

The program consists of three self-paced workshops that you can access for LIFE! Whether you are just starting your practice or you are just starting to scale, it is never too soon to set yourself up for success!

It doesn’t take long to go through this program, so you could take the knowledge and get organized quickly! We also include a private Facebook community dedicated to student support!

Join Workflows in a Weekend for Bookkeepers & Accountants here!

Kickoff with Asana for Bookkeepers & Accountants

This is Workflow Queen’s signature program! This program focuses on using Asana as your project management system and includes done-for-you templates that help you implement workflows FAST. We focus on the set up and maintenance of Asana for your practice, and how to create efficient processes to help you manage your client work (and team if you have one). The amazing resources in this program will help you streamline your practice and create extra time in your week so you can scale.

You will have instant access to all of the video content, workbooks, templates and more FOR LIFE! The program is also self-paced, so you can work through the content when it makes the most sense for you. If you need extra support while you are working through the course, we have a dedicated Facebook community just for students!

Join Kickoff with Asana for Bookkeepers & Accountants here!

Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants

Ready to take your operations, efficiency, and team structure to the next level?

I created Breakthrough just for those of you who are right on the cusp of owning the practice of your dreams!

Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants is our first EVER group coaching program that is all about the ins and outs of scaling bigger, hiring better, and taking your practice to the next level. This program will help you understand the deep internal processes, secrets to hiring, and amplify your systems necessary to allow you to eventually remove yourself from the business altogether.

No more questioning where to find your bookkeepers, no more wondering how to track the progress of your firm and team, no more feeling overwhelmed because you’ve been the one who “had to do it all.” We’ve eliminated the guess work about how to bring all your systems and combining them with efficiency tools and concepts to scale your practice.

Breakthrough will teach you how to build out systems surrounding your practice and scale holistically.

Join the Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants waitlist here!

Other Resources from Workflow Queen

The Motherload of Email & Form Swipe Files

Is it just me, or is writing emails kind of the worst?

As a bookkeeper and tax preparer, I found myself writing the same email over and over. I got so frustrated by the time and energy it took me each time, so I decided to do something about it!

Enter – The Motherload of Email & Form Swipe Files!

The mini-course consists of done-for-you emails and forms for all aspects of running a practice. Once I started templating emails, I was able to save SO much time and effort and I want the same for you!

It’s time to stop staring at a blinking cursor. Get access to this unbelievable resource here!

1:1 Coaching with Alyssa Lang

If one on one is really more your style, Workflow Queen offers coaching with me, Alyssa Lang.

I take a limited number of coaching clients per quarter, so there is an application process to ensure we are a good fit.

Coaching is a great way to have focused guidance on organization, hiring, efficiency, and systems! Let’s take a deep dive into project management and building out your firm together!

Submit your application for 1:1 Coaching here!

Consultation Call with Workflow Queen

If you need a little more guidance on how to get the most out of Workflow Queen’s resources, hop on a consultation call with a team member.

We will chat about you and your practice to discover how we can best support you! This is just a 15 minute call, so it can easily fit into your busy schedule!

Book a call here!

Workflow Queen Retreat

We are so excited to be able to offer exclusive Workflow Queen retreats for our students!

Our very first retreat will be in Nashville, Tennessee in October 2021. This is a valuable chance to connect with the Workflow Queen team and get your questions answered in person!

The retreat will consist of live training and implementation, as well as fun bonding experiences!

All the spots for our Fall 2021 retreat sold out within 24 hours, but don’t worry there will be more retreats in the future!

Free Resources

Facebook Community

Workflow Queen is proud to provide a FREE Facebook community dedicated to workflows for the bookkeeping and accounting industry. This is a great resource for those who have questions about systems for their practice, and want to bounce ideas off of a group of other awesome professionals in the industry!

My team and I are always popping in the group with helpful tips and information on all things workflows and systems for your practice!

If you want to join our FREE Facebook community, Conquering Workflows & Systems for Bookkeepers and Accountants, click here!

Conquering Workflows & Systems Podcast

Workflow Queen is all about serving our community in as many ways possible. I started this podcast as a way to bring more juicy content to the ears of bookkeepers and accountants, and it has been the BEST.

If you know me as a person, you would know that I am super passionate about what I do and that I could talk about systems all day. I know how to really get to the heart of your problems because I was once where you are right now.

Hop on over to iTunes and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss an episode (they come out on Tuesdays)!

If you aren’t an iTunes user, you’ll be able to find me on Spotify and Podbean!

Downloadable Asana Guide

With my free guide, 10 Simple Steps to Managing Your Practice with Asana, I will demystify the reasons why I chose Asana as my project management system and have never looked back. You can snag it here!

New Client Onboarding Email

As I said above, writing emails is a drag. If you are so tired of pulling the right words out of your brain every time you bring on a new client, save yourself some energy and grab my free New Client Onboarding Email here!

If you are wondering, the answer is yes! This is a sample of the helpful emails and forms you will find in The Motherload of Email & Form Swipe Files!


If you are looking for a more candid source of Workflow Queen goodness, you’ll find it on Instagram. This is a great place to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of my work day, my dogs, and announcements about anything exciting going on in the company.

You can find me on Instagram @workflowqueen or by clicking here!

So friend, I hope that through these resources there is something that speaks to you and ultimately helps you achieve your dreams.

Workflow Queen has grown and I am so proud to call this company mine!

We work SUPER hard to make sure that no matter what level you’re at in your practice, we can support you in some way. If you have questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! You can reach out to me and my team via the free Facebook community, or by emailing support@workflowqueen.com.

I highly encourage you to follow me on Instagram, where I don’t hold anything back!