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Tech tools can be great. If you are struggling with something in your practice, there’s a good chance someone has developed an app or software as a solution.

But do you ever feel like there are too many choices?

Too often, I see bookkeepers and accountants switch from using one software to another and then get frustrated when nothing seems to fix their original problem.

Truth bomb: The tech you’re using isn’t going to solve your problem, only you can!

Here is my roadmap to success when it comes to selecting tech tools for your practice:

  1. Understand that one tool can’t do it all (at least not well)
  2. Free tools can be great, but be prepared to pay for the ones that are truly worth the cost
  3. Once you choose an app or new software, take the time to learn how to use it in order to be successful
  4. Choose tech tools that work well together for maximum efficiency

If you are guilty of shiny object syndrome (you know, when you make the switch every time you hear about a new tool), I highly suggest analyzing your tech stack so that you only use what you truly need! In this blog, I’m going into detail about a few apps, tech tools, and resources that I use and love!

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Miro is a virtual whiteboard that you and your team can use to collaborate and plan. This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to plan out a complicated process, help teams make cohesive decisions, and sooo much more!

We use Miro to create decision trees that help us outsource certain tasks that are not as black and white as others. This user-friendly software is essential to how we map out our processes before bringing them into Asana. It’s so helpful to see the whole process in one place so we can make sure nothing gets left out.

If you want to check out Miro, you can click the link here.


Although Relay is not technically an app or software, it IS an essential online tool that we couldn’t live without! Relay is a bank that only works with business owners, no personal accounts allowed.

We switched to Relay because they offer multiple checking accounts with absolutely ZERO fees. Depending on the structure of your business (Sole Proprietor, LLC, S Corp…) you can open several accounts as needed. This is perfect for business owners who use the Profit First method and require a lot of checking accounts, but do not want to pay monthly fees. I can’t tell you how happy we are with the customer service and products that Relay provides!

You can switch your clients over to Relay and even connect the bank accounts with QuickBooks Online! It’s super simple to use and we absolutely love it.

To try Relay for yourself, you can click this link.


If you have a team (employees or contractors – even international!), I highly recommend using Gusto for payroll. If you are a bookkeeper or accountant, you know how frustrating it can be to run payroll and ensure all allocations are correct. Luckily, Gusto makes running payroll ridiculously simple! It is extremely user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and provides great customer service if a problem ever comes up.

The best part? The reporting features.

You have the ability to run so many different types of reports, pull journal entries whenever you want, and take advantage of so many other capabilities. This is not your average payroll software – it’s so much better!

If you are interested in trying Gusto, you can use this link to get a special gift after you run at least one payroll cycle!


Keeper is an incredible tool designed specifically for bookkeepers and accountants. This is not meant to replace your project management system, but to work alongside it!

Keeper provides these major functions:

  • Client portal (optional white label aka use your own branding)
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Ask questions to clients directly in Keeper (no more waiting for AMA Google Sheet answers)
  • Team can ask questions about specific client transactions/reports/reconciliations
  • Identify expense Inconsistency
  • Identifies issues with posted transactions in a lot of different ways

The reporting features that Keeper provides are AMAZING!!! This alone is worth implementing Keeper into your tech stack.

If you are interested in using Keeper in your practice, sign up using the code WorkflowQueen to get three months of free white labeling!

Why HR

Here’s another essential tool that doesn’t really fall into the ‘tech’ category, but I just can’t keep this one to myself! When my team started growing, I realized that an HR company would be able to help me handle all the legal stuff that comes with employing multiple people. I didn’t realize how much more Why HR would actually provide me!

Since I hired Why HR, they have helped me:

  • Stay in line with salary compliance
  • Create job descriptions
  • Create official job offers
  • Gain confidence as an employer

Why HR has so much knowledge they are willing to share through their top notch customer service. I am beyond impressed with their service!

If you want more information about Why HR, contact Matt at matt@whyhr.guru.


OMG I can’t say enough about how much we love Notion. This software acts as a central information hub for everything we need in order to run our business. The capabilities are truly endless, and the functionality is unmatched. I would highly recommend using Notion to organize your practice! Be aware that it is a bit overwhelming at first, but once you learn how to navigate it and use all the functions, it will change your life!

You may be wondering if Notion is meant to replace Asana (or whatever you use for project management). The answer is no! You would still use Asana to tell you what to do, where as Notion tells you how to do it. For the most part, Notion has replaced Google Drive for Team Workflow Queen.

If you are interested in learning how to organize your practice with Notion, sign up for an account here!


When I need to create marketing materials, slide presentations, social media graphics, and more – Canva is my go-to! I am not a professional graphic designer, but Canva makes it super easy to create branded graphics no matter your skill level.

If you want to try out Canva for your marketing and design needs, click here!


I love Slack for communicating with my virtual team, but I know some practice owners also enjoy using it to communicate with clients! Slack makes it super easy to keep conversations organized by allowing you to create specific channels per client, department, or topic. I like to make sure I have a channel dedicated to fun, non-work chat so that my team can bond on a personal level.

My favorite part about Slack is the ability to use the search function to recall information. This way, if you know you spoke about a change in procedure or a client detail, it’s super easy to reference the conversation thread.

Slack also integrates with many other apps like Loom, Asana, and Google Drive!

If you want to start using Slack in your practice, you can do so by clicking here.


When I owned my firm, Hubdoc was included with each of my client’s monthly services. It is essential for managing receipts and easily pushing them through to QuickBooks Online or Xero. Even though I no longer own my firm, I still use Hubdoc at Workflow Queen in order to keep track of our expenses. My entire team has been trained on how to use it and it has truly streamlined our receipt management process!

If you would like to use Hubdoc for your clients and/or your own practice, you can learn more here.

As you can see, tech tools are essential for running a successful bookkeeping or accounting practice. It can be easy to get carried away with all the options out there, but I encourage you to focus on tech tools that suit your needs and truly make your life easier. Just because the tools listed above work for me, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you! Assess your needs and only choose tools that will solve your problems, not create them.

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