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So you’ve decided to become a freelance accountant or bookkeeper – now you need a high-converting, aesthetically pleasing, and functional website. Well, I have some good news for you! You can create the perfect website BY YOURSELF in less than a week!

Obviously, to accomplish such a feat in less than a week you need a few things:

You’re probably familiar with the first two on the list, but the third might throw you for a loop.

Here’s the deal:

Website that Wows is a “self-paced course to help you DIY your own beautiful and professional Squarespace website in a week flat (no tech skills needed!)” that actually delivers.

Website that Wows was created by Louise Henry, a Squarespace guru and website design genius. She’s got a knack for helping business owners create a stunning website.

*psssssstttt… see this blog post, see this website? I put it all together with the help of Louise Henry’s Website that Wows course! Use the links in this blog to receive $300 OFF Website that Wows, if you purchase within 24 hours!

What is Website that Wows?

Website that Wows is an online course like no other, it tells you exactly what (and how) to create a functional and gorgeous website – it even preps you for launch!

The course covers everything from graphic design to develop your ideal aesthetics – all without code. Unlike other courses, Website that Wows makes sure that you’re set-up to successfully launch your website within a week of starting the course.

What’s Included?

Website that Wows has two options, a paid in full and a payment plan. The only difference is a social media graphic templates (that match your website template!) offered for the paid in full version! Otherwise, both options include:

  • Complete website set-up guide

  • 3-months of tech support

  • 10 Done-for-you Website Templates

  • Fill-in-the-blanks copy templates

  • Website-in-a-week action plan

  • 20% discount to Squarespace

  • Behind-the-scenes strategy

  • Canva mini-course

Plus you get a rundown of the design strategy used by the creator, Louise Henry – the squarespace design master.

The Website Guide

Louise doesn’t cover just the ‘basics’ of website design and building your site from scratch. She offers a ten-part recipe for the perfect site:

  1. Site Branding

  2. Site Set-up

  3. Site Strategy

  4. Mastering Squarespace

  5. Building Your Site

  6. Blogging

  7. Site Marketing

  8. Sales

  9. SEO & Legal Pages

  10. Launching Your Site

You get the run-down on everything you need to start a successful website, launch it, and start converting clients and sales!



What I Think About Website that Wows:

When she says that you can create a website in a week – she means it. By following her program, I was able to put together my own site in only 7 days AND I was able to save thousands of dollars since I didn’t have to hire out!

There is absolutely no coding, (unless she suggests it, and then SHE provides the code FOR YOU)  and she walks you through the process with step-by-step videos making it super easy to follow along. 

Working with Louise

I say ‘working with Louise’ as that is exactly how it feels. She offers you support throughout the development of your website. She makes sure that you’re set up to have a profitable website after completing her course.

I loved working with her and following along using her course because she’s just an amazing human being – you know what I mean. You can tell when someone has created a course for profit and when someone has a real desire to teach and watch you succeed, and that’s Louise!

The Technical Stuff

Website that Wows takes you through everything – it even takes you through choosing the right domain! Additionally, the course guides you through creating a brand mood board, logo, and brand colors. All with done-for-you brand packs that are easy to install on your website!

*pssst.. She’s a Canva WIZ! With her instruction you can make ANYTHING you could possibly need for your website using Canva tools.

Anyways, her course focuses on developing, managing, and using Squarespace for your website. She goes above and beyond by guiding you through the legalities of having your own website, having (and creating) a favicon, and the important features that you should include on your website to build authority.

The Extras

There’s more than what meets the eye with Website that Wows, she goes in-depth about running a successful website – not just the set-up. She teaches you:

  • How & why you should blog along with SEO tips and a blog post checklist

  • How to set up and manage an email sequence for easy follow ups and outreach for potential clients

  • How to develop and market a free resource to use to grow your email list

She goes into depth about aspects of your website that you wouldn’t typically think about, taking her course to the next level – and your website along with it!

The Results

Even with the small investment of purchasing the course, I earned it all back in less than a week post-launch utilizing a freebie and adding it to my own course.

And, with her guidance, my blog traffic is booming – my blogs attract viewers that actually stay on my website and want to learn more!

My Website that Wows Review

Website that Wows is the perfect course for bookkeepers and accountants who want to be involved in the creation of their website. The creator, Louise, breaks everything down and you can tell that she truly cares about your success – and wants your website to be a money-maker.

I discovered her course when I was on a mission to build my website, I even switched from Wix after learning their blogging capabilities are not nearly as strong as Squarespace. Then, I came across Louise and she was able to walk me through, step-by-step how to set up my site.

Her course didn’t make me feel pressured, overwhelmed, or stressed-out. I knew exactly what needed to be done to launch my new website.

Louise is a Squarespace expert and really loves what she does. She has an eye for detail and design, and she’s helped so many service-based business owners get their site built and launched.

Whether you’re looking for bookkeeping or accounting clients, this course will teach you how to get prospects on autopilot and can truly change the way you market yourself. Bookkeepers’ and accountants’ images are always so dull and I love that she is all about flaring up your website so that you can look professional AND different!

I’d take her course 10x again!