Programs that will
redefine your workflows.

I’ve created these courses from my own suffering, experiences, and success so that you can skip ahead to the success part.

To flow means to move smoothly and continuously, peacefully and without hesitation.

Water doesn’t stop to think, it just is. These courses were meant to optimize your time, make sure you don’t drop the ball when juggling clients, the practice, and the work itself, and automate as much of your operations as possible.

That’s what it means to find your workflow. Ride the tide all the way to the bank.

The Motherload
of Email & Form
Swipe Files

Stop sweating over your client and onboarding emails, and get some totally not-boring-extra-professional pre-written email templates that will allow you to exhale. And then inhale again, normally.

Who’s it for: Everyone

Workflows in a Weekend
for Bookkeepers
& Accountants

Three self-paced workshops specifically designed for bookkeepers and accountants who want to quickly overcome the stress of running a practice, even if they don’t know where to start.

Who’s it for: Newbies

Kickoff with Asana
for Bookkeepers
& Accountants

This self-paced course gives you the goods to create the most efficient systems and practices, so that you can get the hell out of your own way and start riding that steady wave of you-got-this.

 Who’s if for: Newbies & Growing Firms 

Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants

6-month group coaching program that finally answers the question… “How do I take my firm to the next level?” for self-employed bookkeepers and accountants.

Who’s it for: Established Firm Owners

Imagine making a major dent in the way you operate your practice in just 5 days.

Learn tools and tips to create a simplified, streamlined, crystal clear, and functional workflow that works for you — that’s the dream.